"It is with great pleasure to announce that Primatech has been recognized to receive the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu Engineer District, Outstanding Contractor's Performance Award. This award is attributed to your outstanding success in your performance on Contract No. DACA83-98-C-0012, FY98 FHMA Pkg H-16, Repair Kitchens, HA-W13A and H-W13B, Wheeler Army Air Field, Oahu, Hawaii."

- Dickson Ma, Administrative Contracting Officer, U.S. Army Engineer District (December 15, 2005)


"I would like to extend an appreciation for your outstanding performance in the management and quality of the kitchen renovation in Housing Area I-1, Lots 7-12, Schofield Barracks. Your CQC System Manager, Mr. Cielito Benzon, was instrumental in assuring that a quality project was attained. He maintained a close professional relationship with Corps of Engineers representatives. Potential problems and concerns were addressed in a timely manner and resolved so that there was minimal impact to the project. Keep up the superb work! I look forward to working with your office again on future Corps' projects."

- Lynn S. Arakaki, Contracting Officer, U.S. Army Engineer District (May 09, 2001)


"I want to thank you for your professionalism and positive attitude to ensure PRIMATECH safety program is being implemented on the project site. Your efforts and dedication to safety was very evident during our safety visit on February 28, 2001."

- Daniel Fujimoto, PACDIV Safety (March 02, 2001)

"Continued dedication and professionalism of your staff will continue to the success of these projects (Repair Kitchens, Lots 1-6 & 7-12) and improved quality of life for the military personnel. Keep up the good work!!"

- Paul Choy, Civil Engineer (July 20, 1999)

"I would like to say thank you to a couple of Primatech Construction employees. The two gentlemen were very nice. I am a picky person and if I had questions or worries they had no problem in stopping whatever they did to take a look, fix, or tell me someone would come in and take care of it. I guess I just thought they did more than they had to, so thanks to Danny and Kyle!

- Shyla DeFrancesco, a resident from our Repair Kitchens, Lots 1-6 & Repair Kitchens, Lots 7-12 Project (June 25, 1999)

"Thank you for the kitchen. My wife really loves it. It is 100% better than before! Also, please thank the guys for repairing the ceiling we have been trying to get fixed for over a year. Overall the kitchen is beautiful. It makes the whole house look much better. Thanks again!"

- Sgt. James T. Manns, a resident from 9158-D from our Repair Kitchens, Lots 1-6 & Repair Kitchens, Lots 7-12 Project (May 24, 1999)

"Mere words cannot express what a fantastic job the Primatech Construction workers did this past week in the renovating of our kitchen at 9158-C George Washington Court on Schofield Barracks. When we were told that some renovation work was going to be done to our quarters, we feared the worst. I complained, moaned and groaned, and finally accepted the fact that my family was going to be terribly inconvenienced for the longest time imaginable. But to my surprise, it was relatively painless. The workers were very friendly, but all times professional and hardworking. The concern that was shown towards my family was definitely a sign that your workers "go above and beyond the call of duty." This work crew put an end to all of the "rude-and-crude" construction worker stereotypes that are floating around. Once again, my family's appreciation for a job well done!!"

- Lisa A Bocariegra, a resident from 9158-C from our Repair Kitchens, Lots 1-6 & Repair Kitchens, Lots 7-12 Project (April 30, 1999)

"We acknowledge and thank Primatech Construction and their staff for their assistance and good work in completing our wind/termite resistant home in Eleele Nani. Kauai County Housing Agency is dedicated to encouraging the best possible affordable housing for our citizens and Primatech has take an active role in support that goal. In 1995, KCHA sought proposals from contractors to design and build a single family dwelling that would be termite resistant and wind resistant up to 100 MPH (which substantially exceeds our current building code requirements). Primatech submitted an acceptable proposal and was the eventual low bidder for the project. Primatech made valuable suggestions which enable KCHA to provide the best possible product to the eventual buyer of the affordably priced home which was completed and sold in early 1996. We found Primatech to be responsive, willing to solve problems, and dedicated to client satisfaction. Again, our best wishes and thanks for all your help in building better affordable housing on Kauai."

Jim Seitenzahl, Project Manager, County of Kauai Housing Agency (May 20, 1996)

"I want to express our appreciation for Primatech's cooperation and assistance on all the projects they have worked with us. Their work on the Public Works Building and the renovation of the Child Care Center at the Pacific Missile Range Facility was completed in a timely and professional manner. They have been cooperative and flexible during the construction process."

- Mike French, Project Engineer, Baker Support Services, Inc. (May 05, 1996)